Meet our family of funny, lovable puppets!

Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Green Bear?

Green Bear

The youngest of our 3 Bear Brothers, Green Bear is the most popular.  He has big ideas, a big personality and a ton of self-confidence.

  • Hometown: New York City
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Food: Cookies
  • Age: Wise beyond his years
  • Biggest Dream: To Be President of the United States of America
  • Biggest Achievement: Getting into Gifted & Talented at School
  • Best Friend: Doug the Dinosaur
  • Secret Crush: Maleficent
  • Related To: Pink Bear and Red Bear (his older brothers) and Abuela Bear (his grandma)
  • Funny Moment: Too many to pick one!
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlists: It’s a 3-way tie between Math & Science Stories, Things That Go! and Bear Books.
  • Special Talent: Rapping (not to be confused with wrapping)
  • New Hobby: Yoga
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Doug?

Doug the Dinosaur

The most thoughtful and soulful Dinosaur you’ll ever meet, Doug is sweet and funny and sensitive, which means he cries not only when he’s sad but when he’s happy, too.

  • Hometown: Ikealandia, Sweden
  • Also Known As: Doug the Slightly Insecure Dinosaur
  • Favorite Color: All of them because he doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of any of the colors because they’re all valuable.
  • Best Friend: Green Bear
  • Favorite Holiday: Hanukkah
  • Fun Fact: Doug is actually half-Dinosaur/half-Dragon
  • Before You Ask: He does NOT breathe fire
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: Dragon and Dinosaur Stories
  • Second Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: Musical Stories
  • Special Talent: Kindness & Being an Amazing Friend
  • Big Happy Moment: Meeting Mickey Mouse
  • Favorite Pastimes: Helping Abuela Bear make cookies, singing songs, playing with Green Bear, getting scratches from StoryTeller
  • Dreams Of: Meeting TV’s Barney the Dinosaur and going with Green Bear to the White House.
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Red Bear?

Red Bear

The big brother to Green and Pink Bear. Kind and VERY patient!

  • Hometown: New York City
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Clothes: His Red & White Christmas Hat
  • Favorite Food: Bear Claws
  • Catchphrase: Oh, Brother! (this comes in handy when you have 2 brothers)
  • Fun Fact: Is learning to speak Spanish with Abuela Bear
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: Family Stories, especially stories involving brothers because he can relate
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Pink Bear?

Pink Bear

It’s tough to be the middle bear. And it’s even tougher because Pink Bear is a BOY and everyone thinks he’s a girl. But he’s getting the word out, so it’s okay.

  • Hometown: New York
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Food: Cotton Candy
  • Known As: The Middle Bear trying to find himself
  • Related To: Green Bear (little brother), Red Bear (big brother), Abuela Bear (grandma)
  • Favorite Book: Pink is for Boys
  • Special Talent: A little of this, a little of that.
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: Growth Mindset, because Pink Bear is always trying to find ways to grow his brain to be the best at whatever it is he’s going to be good at once he figures out what it is he wants to be.
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Abuela Bear?

Abuela Bear

Abuela Bear is the sweet ’n’ sassy cookie-baking grandma to our three bears, adored by all the puppets, and revered for being the oldest and wisest.  And for teaching the bears to speak Spanish!  “Abuela” means “Grandmother” in Spanish!

  • Hometown: Manzanillo, Cuba
  • Languages: Spanish & English
  • Job: Professional Hugger
  • Grandbears: Red Bear, Pink Bear and Green Bear
  • Special Power: Making Maleficent be nice
  • Signature Song: I Bake It Like That
  • Pastimes: Teaching the puppets Spanish, Salsa Dancing, Scrapbooking, Yoga
  • Favorite Cookie: White Chocolate Macadamia
  • Fun Fact: Enjoys drinking espresso with Gilles the Giraffe
  • Favorite Playlist: Bilingual Books & Mickey Mouse stories!
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Gilles?

Gilles the Giraffe

Pronounced jheelz, this guy is all about amour! (That’s love, in case you don’t speak French) Our worldliest character, Gilles enjoys cappuccinos, macaroons, spontaneous poetry and world travel. And romance, of course.

  • Hometown: Paris, France
  • Favorite Color: Mustard
  • Favorite Condiment: Mustard
  • Age: Ooh la la!
  • Relationship Status: Always in Love
  • Secret Crush: All the ladies. And it’s not a secret.
  • Funny Moment: Once tried to woo the Statue of Liberty.
  • Known For: Big Romantic Gestures & Speaking French with people who don’t understand French
  • Favorite Book: Anything about giraffes or love. Preferably both.
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: April in Paris
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Maleficient?


A goofy witch who thinks she’s bad… but she’s really just silly.

  • Born: On a dark & stormy night between a rock and a hard place
  • Catchphrase: Why Am I Here?
  • Favorite Food: Bat Stew (family recipe)
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Current Mood: Black
  • Pet Peeves: Books with happy endings and no torture
  • Hobbies: chaos-creation, evil-laughing, being terrible, rejecting people, making homemade bat stew
  • Favorite Toy: Her evil queen figurine from Snow White
  • Role Model: the evil queen
  • Secret Crush: herself
  • KidTime StoryTime Playlist She Doesn’t Completely Hate: Twisted Fairy Tales, Halloween and she secretly loves Witch Stories
  • Funny Moment: The time Gilles the Giraffe & Green Bear each fell in love with Maleficent. She rejected them both.
  • Relationship Status: “I basically hate all living creatures”
  • School: Transylvania U. Majored in Potions. Minored in Veterinary Science.
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Olivia?

Olivia the Ostrich

The grand dame of KidTime StoryTime is a classically trained actress from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts!

  • Hometown: London, England
  • Known For: Her Long Stories about Herself
  • Special Talent: Acting & Being British
  • Employment: Theatrical Leading Lady
  • Part Time Employment: Green Bear’s Drama Coach
  • Best Friend: Fuchsia Fish
  • Frenemy: Random Rooster
  • Languages Spoken: The Queen’s English
  • Pastimes: Girl talk with Fuchsia Fish, Reading Plays, Auditioning, Adapting books into movies she can star in
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTIme Playlist: Stories Starring Girls
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Fuchsia Fish?

Fuchsia Fish

This sassy fish is quite the social butterfly (for a fish), making friends above and below the sea. She always “keeps it real” even though she mingles with celebrities, which is why everyone loves her.

  • Hometown: New Jersachussetts
  • Known For: Knowing Everybody
  • Catchphrase: I’m a social butterfly, for a fish!
  • Best Friend: Olivia the Ostrich
  • Best Quality: Endless Curiosity
  • Favorite Food: Kelp Salad, Kelp Smoothies, Kelp Cookies, Kelp-Kelp
  • Related To: cousin Tibby Tiburon, a supposedly “vegetarian” shark she does not trust
  • Best Friend: Olivia the Ostrich
  • Her Idols: Ethel Merman, Fran Drescher, Weehawken
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: Beach Stories
Wanna Buy a Personalized Greeting from Octavius?

Octavius the Octopus

The tiniest of the puppets, Octavius lives so far underwater that it takes him forever to reach KidTime StoryTime. But for a little guy, he makes a big impact.

  • Hometown: Under the Sea
  • Known For: Talking like an Alien
  • Fun Fact: Fuchsia Fish lives upstairs from him!
  • Favorite Color: Squid
  • Age: No one knows
  • Allergies: Whales & Seafood Restaurants
  • Special Talent: Having More Arms than Most
  • Favorite KidTime StoryTime Playlist: Mermaid Stories (because Octavius knows a lot of Mermaids)