Looking for a special gift?

All these gifts are personlized for your child… from the Storyteller and the Puppets!

Puppet Selfie Greeting


Get a personzalized, happy video greeting for your child from their favorite KidTime StoryTime Puppet! Great for birthdays, graduation, holidays, special milestones like a great report card, or just because! 1-2 minutes.

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Puppet Deluxe Greeting


Just as happy as the Puppet Selfie Greeting, but kicked up a notch with music, graphics and a dash of special effects in the style of the KidTime StoryTime videos! 1-2 minutes.

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One-on-One FaceTime with StoryTeller

$25 for 15 minutes

Get StoryTeller all to yourself in a personal FaceTime/Skype/Facebook Messenger session! You choose how to spend your 15 minutes. Want to chat with StoryTeller? Ask questions? Talk to the puppets? It’s your special time together!

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Personalized Video Reading Created for your Child


It’s a KidTime StoryTime Video created JUST FOR YOUR KID! StoryTeller will read a picture book of your choice and create a totally personalized experience that you’ll be able to play over and over again!

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