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Hola, artiste!  Greetings, you erudite publisher!  Welcome Book Creators!

We love connecting great picture books with kids and the teachers, librarians & parents in their world.  This is the age of YouTube, where people of all ages discover, browse and buy in the virtual space. 

We freely read & promote stories we love and that we believe serve our audience.

Want KidTime StoryTimers to discover your work? We accept as many submissions as possible. (StoryTeller has to also make time to feed the puppets lest they get hangry.) We ask books be richly illustrated & no more than 32 pages.


If you’re a publisher and want to open up your catalog to KidTime StoryTime, email us with the form on this page!


Hey Publicists! You can email us on behalf of picture book creators! We will expect your clients to be proactive in our publicity efforts with shares/retweets.

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