First things first…

THANK YOU for being an educator!

Being here means you are obviously A+, innovative and cool. I’m excited to help you make kids fall in love with reading & books!

Our theatrical, humorous, puppet-filled readings are designed to engage & inspire, making kids see reading as vibrant experiences that make them think, feel and ask questions…not passive or dull. We don’t read so much as bring books to life.

How to Use KidTime StoryTime

With the BIGGEST collection of read alouds on YouTube (800+ books), we’ve created lots of groupings to help you find what you need.

We have groupings in 3 places:

  • On our website, the “Stories” page has all of our playlists on one simple to view page. This is a teacher favorite to bookmark.
  • On YouTube, they’re called “Playlists”.
  • On Pinterest, they’re called “Boards”.

They work like virtual “bookshelves” that group books by topic/ themes/ series. This makes it easy for you to find books that fit your needs, even if you don’t have a title in mind. They’re GREAT for making new discoveries, too, since most of the books we read are hot off the presses.

Here are some smart tips I’ve put together on how to efficiently search our videos and playlists and even save our videos.

All of our books and playlists live on YouTube.

  • You can easily search our entire catalog like this: See the magnifying glass in the video below? It lets you search our video library with one simple word. Make sure you’re on KidTime StoryTime’s YouTube page. Then type a word like Poetry or MLK or Alphabet or Bully or Bilingual. Every book and playlist with your word will pop up!
  • Take a tour HERE through our playlists to familiarize yourself with our categories! See the video below to see how to navigate to the PLAYLIST tab.

Recent YouTube changes don’t let you save kids’ content to playlist anymore. This is a bummer.  But here are two alternatives to saving our videos:

  • You can bookmark your favorite playlists using your web browser.
  • You can pin the video to a board on Pinterest by clicking the “Share” arrow just below the video. Once clicked, you will see social media icons, including Pinterest.  Click Pinterest and it’ll open a window with your boards from which to choose. See video below.
I work to make Pinterest boards teacher-friendly… with topics like Space, Art, Punctuation & Inventors. I am always adding boards, so tell me if there’s a category you need! 

You can “follow” my Pinterest Boards and get notified when I add a storybook.  Pinterest also lets you create your own Boards. This means you can pick and choose which read alouds to save, creating your own collection of favorites in one convenient spot.  You can save our videos to your Pinterest boards directly from YouTube, which is a popular method.

Social Media

StoryTeller posts the latest books she’s reading and videos relevant to the day that may be perfect for that day’s lesson. It’s where we share StoryTeller appearances, book giveaways and class photos you send us! (Kids get REAL excited about that!) It’s where our community of educators, parents, authors and publishers can meet, share, comment and laugh…and connect with StoryTeller!

Join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram! See all of our social links below!

Video Chat with StoryTeller!

Make us your school’s Official Reading Channel & get a free, live StoryTeller session over Skype/ FaceTime/ Facebook Messenger! Email us!

Are you in greater Los Angeles?

StoryTeller will make school visits! When StoryTeller is available for school visits in other cities, she’ll post it on social media.

Educators’ Most FAQs

1. Yes, I read with copyright permissions! You can confidently use & recommend KidTime StoryTime. I’d love to be Your Official Channel!

2. They’re all picture books. Typically 32 pages.

3. Pre-K to 5th grade and even older for special ed kids.

4. Yes, I accept book requests & recommendations. It takes time to secure permissions and work a story into our packed schedule. I can also suggest options already in our large catalog that could be great new finds!

HOT TIP: If I’ve been given a link to supplemental teaching/activity materials that accompany the book, I’ll include that link in the book’s description on YouTube. The description also contains a Buy The Book link, so if you choose to buy, it’ll help our channel if you buy through our link at no additional cost to you!

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